Online Video Ads produces  custom website Spokesmen, Avatars and  Website Marketing Videos just like you see on this site. 

Click the How Does It work Button to see how to get your own Avatar on your website to promote your products and services.

Avatars can launch when your page loads, with a delay or when an image is clicked just like they do here.

Our Avatars energize website sites and keeps your visitors coming back time and time again.

These Avatars and Spokespeople can speak many languages and they never call in sick

Click Any Of Us & Bring Us To Life
Click Any Of Us & Bring Us To Life
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Are you on a budget? Then check out our Avatar Deals Page. Where we have Avatars available for 99.00

These Avatars say generic messages that are industry specific.
The Avatars Deals characters and Voice Overs cannot be changed.

If you need your Avatar to say a specific message and if you want a Avatar with a specific look then go to our Available Avatar Page 

We can use a video and voice over you provide to create your own custom Avatar as well.

We have many options available so let us know what you need.
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“When I finally decided to take my website marketing to the next level Online Video Ads was right there to help. They were able to take my film footage and made me into my own avatar 
Steve Ricker
“Thanks for helping me get my video avatar onto my website.
It has been great in adding new opt in's to my website. My newsletter list is growing at a fast pace.
Cindy Stover
Online Video Ads helped me set up my website spokes person
and then created the perfect 30 second company video for me that I posted online
Frank Lucero
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